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About cloudCENTRX

We’re supporters, protectors, and providers. Our job is to consult,  deploy, and manage IT services that support your technical needs so you can focus on more important tasks. We equip your business with the tools that secure, empower, and streamline your network and infrastructure for flexible and collaborative digital experiences.



Security First, Not Security Adjacent

Our everyday practice prioritizes meeting security-based standards for every step of every process. Protecting your data isn’t a collateral benefit, it is the foundation of every aspect of our IT services.


Solution-Driven Builders

Our hardware architects build you an entire, comprehensive solution by assessing your infrastructure. We tell you what you really need and measure the right infrastructure to fit your business seamlessly.




Highly Specialized For Your Business

Our decades of experience have granted us a solid understanding of your specific business nuances and compliance needs so we can implement the right solutions before problems occur.

Data security

In-house Compliance

Our in-house compliance management team navigates government compliance best practices to allow you to be quick and agile at enterprise level.


CloudCENTRX handles all of your IT needs under a single roof to harmonize all aspects of your network. We’re compliant with the latest best practices, including NIST & HIPAA.

Managed Service Provider Stats


Managed Service Provider (MSP)

IT Support & Helpdesk

Our fully-autonomous and experienced experts integrate with your internal IT team to minimize downtime and increase productivity throughout all departments of your business.

Hardware Leasing

cloudCENTRX gives you access to the top tech tools without the cost and commitment of ownership while testing, tagging, and implementing an asset management solution before delivery.

IT Infrastructure Services

We monitor, manage, and secure your network so your system software, and apps are fully-licensed, up-to-date, and easy to use.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Replicate and archive on or off-premise devices with our cost-effective solution to avoiding application, data, or IT disasters. We support every platform under a single contract, no matter where the location.

Managed Endpoint Security

Reduce risk and improve visibility with our modernized endpoint management. Our MES ensures all your employees are covered while working on-site or remotely.

Managed Email Security Services

Secure your business with our enterprise-level cloud-based email security service with malware protection, encryption, and archiving.

Cloud Managed Services

Maximize your business’s efficacy with our streamlined migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance services.

Extended detection and response (XDR)

Our Extended Detection and Response service holistically collects and correlates data across your network for faster threat detection, strong protection against cyberattacks, and faster response times. This improves our security analysis and investigation and gives your company the freedom to operate better, faster, and longer. 

Secure and optimize your entire infrastructure with our free licensing program