About Us

We seek to build the perfect cloud solutions that give your business the strong digital backbone it needs to function beyond expectations. cloudCENTRX fits itself perfectly into your digital infrastructure so you, your staff, and your customers get the support it seeks on a day-to-day basis.

Our Clients

Who We Are

We were born to build. With 14 years in the ever-evolving tech industry, we’ve been here since the beginning. We’ve pivoted our resources and intelligence to strategize software programs that are robust, adaptive, and future-forward. We’ve learned how to leverage our experience to create advanced and elegant tech networks to always go beyond the industry standard.

What We Do

We design, build, and manage IT solutions with today’s latest technology for tomorrow’s success. Clients depend on our foresight to keep their business’s digital structure innovative, dynamic, and sound. That’s why our security-first approach considers every variable when developing and defending your cloud infrastructure for your business’ resilience.

Our Company’s Culture

At cloudCENTRX, we believe technological experiences depend on human ones. Our culture operates on the single notion that any form of technology that requires user interaction requires a sense of human instinct.

This gives us the leverage to deliver dynamic technology in a world that continues to migrate online. The future of interfacing will see further than the human eye, which is why human connections inspire our digital ones. We empower our customers, employees, and family by making them the focus of our technologies. That’s why we believe doing right by our offline communities only strengthens our online ones.