Managed IT Solutions For Smarter Schooling 

Empower today’s classrooms for tomorrow’s success.

We equip students, teachers, and staff with enhanced IT, hardware, and security services so you can equip them with uncompromised learning. 

Our Clients

cloudCENTRX puts education first by putting security first. 

We’re supporters, protectors, and providers. Our job is to consult,  deploy, and manage IT services that support all of your technical needs so you can focus on making education accessible. We equip you with the tools that empower students, educators, and IT admins for flexible and collaborative e-learning experiences. 

Why CloudCentrx Hardware Leasing Goes Further

Lowered Monthly Expense

Our subscription-based payment model eliminates the burden of upfront costs that normally come with purchasing new equipment. Pay a monthly flat-rate fee for all equipment costs instead.

Benefits of MSPs

Without any extra costs for setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs, or replacements, we also offer 24/7 tech support to your staff.

Payment Flexibility

Easily extend or reduce your contract terms, or replace them with another more suitable to your needs.

Instant Upgrades

Replace hardware as it ages at no extra cost, ensuring you always use only the best, more relevant I.T. products available.

Security-first Strategy

Everything we do, we do with security at the forefront. We determine your network health and the effectiveness of your defense systems with regular compliance testing. Our goal is to decrease downtime and prevent potential data loss.


Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Our managed IT services let us monitor, manage, and secure your network so you can focus on what you do best. We view your network as a holistic system that relies on each part as integral to the whole. This is why we focus on the functionality and success of each variable when strategizing your infrastructure to reach our goal of 0% downtime.

IT Support & Helpdesk

We know if things go down before you do. CloudCentrx directly serves your administration, teachers, and students, for immediate relief. Our staff proactively monitors your devices and endpoints and relays thorough knowledge of all equipment and software.  We’re here to execute customer care and support you with security problems whenever you need us.


Our HaaS service gives you access to the latest hardware for lowered upfront costs, upgraded equipment, and reduced maintenance. We handle the hard part of installing hardware and devices for fast and smooth transitions of setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs, or replacements. All devices are tested, tagged, and implemented with an asset management solution before delivery.

IT Infrastructure Services

We monitor, manage, and secure your network so your system software, and apps are fully-licensed, up-to-date, and easy to use.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Our 24/7 SOC protects your school from international, internal, and external risks with state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools. Our compliance prevents and protects against viruses and threats to your school’s networks so your teachers and students can be sure that their systems are safe.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Replicate and archive on or off-premise devices with our cost-effective solution to avoiding application, data, or IT disasters. We support every platform under a single contract, no matter where the location.

Managed Endpoint Security

Reduce risk and improve visibility with our modernized endpoint management. Our MES ensures all your employees are covered while working on-site or remotely.

Managed Email Security Services

Secure your business with our enterprise-level cloud-based email security service with malware protection, encryption, and archiving.

Cloud Managed Services

Maximize your business’s efficacy with our streamlined migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance services.


Our Extended Detection and Response service holistically collects and correlates data across your network for faster threat detection, strong protection against cyberattacks, and faster response times. This improves our security analysis and investigation and gives your company the freedom to operate better, faster, and longer. 

Education Cyber

Around-the-clock Security

Our 24/7 Security Operations Center doesn’t go on recess from monitoring your network. With round-the-clock service, we want to keep your students, files, network, staff, data, as safe as you do.  

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