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CloudCentrx upgrades your healthcare practice with state-of-the-art
software and managed services to unify operational data, secure
telehealth, and streamline hospital care.

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Who We Are

We’re supporters, protectors, and providers. Our job is to create sustainable cloud infrastructures that support and secure all of your technical needs so you can support and secure your clients. CloudCentrx provides your practice with innovative tech solutions that empower healthcare providers to deliver better care.


Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Our HaaS service gives you access to the latest hardware for lowered upfront costs, upgraded equipment, and reduced maintenance. We handle the hard part of installing hardware and devices for fast and smooth transitions of setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs, or replacements. All devices are tested, tagged, and implemented with an asset management solution before delivery.

Managed Security Service (MSSP)

Our 24/7 SOC protects your firm from international, internal, and external risks with state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools. Our compliance prevents and protects against viruses and threats to your organization’s networks so doctors, staff, and C-suite don’t have to worry about attacks.


We know if things go down before you do. CloudCentrx directly serves your doctors, nurses, and admin for immediate relief. Our staff proactively monitors your devices and endpoints and relays thorough knowledge of all equipment and software.  We’re here to execute customer care and support you with security problems whenever you need us.

Managed IT Service (MSP)

Our managed IT services let us monitor, manage, and secure your network so you can focus on what you do best. We view your network as a holistic system that relies on each part as integral to the whole. This is why we focus on the functionality and success of each variable when strategizing your infrastructure to reach our goal of 0% downtime.

secureCENTRX Compliance

The secureCENTRX Compliance program is dedicated to assisting organizations in narrowing the gap between ideal and practical compliance. Our program uses advanced tools and expertise to create compliance programs that deliver meaningful results. Our approach is collaborative, detail-oriented, and highly custom. Our services are delivered by an expert team holding industry-recognized certifications (CISSP, CISM, COPC), to ensure consistent quality and delivery.

ITCF – Adopt or create an Information Technology Control Framework (CMMC, CIS, NIST, hybrid, or custom) – ensuring that you are well-positioned to make business decisions and have a road map for future information technology.
POLICY – Create policies that align with the control framework and business needs that are accurate, actionable, and realistic.
PROCESS – Draft policies that are complete, directive, contain key performance indicators and are actionable.
AUDIT LIASON – Fully support your internal and external audit needs by creating schedules, conducting audit training and meeting, interfacing with auditors, and collecting and quality-checking information.
ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT – Perform audits against standards, frameworks, processes, and procedures.


Our 24/7 SOC is always on call monitoring your network. With round-the-clock service, we want to keep your partners, patients, and doctors, network, staff, and data, as safe as you do.

Industry Statistics

Administrative spending is particularly problematic in United States hospitals, where it makes up about 25% of total hospital spending and accounts for hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare spending annually.
23.5 million U.S. residents were affected by health data breaches in 2020.
More than half-a-billion dollars are spent every year on mobile health applications.

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