Security Operations Center (SOC)

cloudCENTRX’s SOC service acts as your company’s mission control by analyzing your security posture to immediately respond to cybersecurity incidents. We monitor your entire organization’s network, employees, processes, and technology to detect anomalies in your cyber behaviors to prepare, prevent, and protect against serious attacks. 

Our Clients

The cloudCENTRX Promise 

We’re supporters, protectors, and providers. Our job is to consult,  deploy, and manage IT services that support all of your technical needs so you can focus on making greatness possible. We equip you with the tools that empower your entire company, on and offline.

Why cloudCENTRX?

A security operations center (SOC) gathers data in real time throughout your entire network, servers, endpoints, and devices and uses intelligent automation to identify, prioritize, and respond to any vulnerabilities or threats. Harmonize and secure all of your technology tools and security practices for improved prevention, faster threat detection, and more cost-effective responses to cyber threats. 

More confidence put into your customers

Establish trust between your company, staff, and customers by executing a proactive compliance practice.

Scaling growth through security

Our security-first approach implements the right tools for using security monitoring as a means to grow from 0 to 100 employees, customers, and ROI. 

Our reaction is your solution

Our quick and vigilant responses not only save you time and money but relieve you of the headache of unreliable, inexperienced IT teams.

We don’t look away. Not even for a second.

We know that every second counts, which is why our 24/7/365 security monitoring never sleeps. cloudCENTRX’s team of real people respond in real-time so you don’t experience real threat

cloudCENTRX’s Benefits:

Most businesses lack the time, resources, and skills to manage their own in-house cybersecurity. Our SOC-as-a-Service is your resident security guard, IT guy, and accountant as we protect your assets, provide tech support, and save you money.

24/7 Support
Real-Time Event Correlation
Detailed Reporting that is easy to understand and business relevant
A Unified Security Dashboard
Security Automation and Orchestration
Event log management & Monitoring
Vulnerability Management
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

Usability is Our Focal Point

SOCaaS advanced SIEM XDR software integrates with your business-relevant systems via API to perform real-time analytics and ensure edge-to-edge coverage of your environment.

Consolidation of Service
Often organizations rely upon a patchwork of security services in order to protect their environments, this leads to complex management, increased cost, and conflicting security programs. With SOCaaS by cloudCENTRX, you can move to a holistic integrated service that will ease the management burden and decrease cost while at the same time increasing your organization’s security.

Some of the areas we can consolidate are:

Intrusion Detection
Threat Detection & Response
Incident Management
Vulnerability Management
Threat Intelligence
Anti-virus Device Protection
Security Orchestration & Automation (SOAR)

Tough Problem, Easy Solution

Security threats and cyber attacks are no joke. Our SOCaaS takes on the responsibility of monitoring online activity, logs, devices, and networks to detect, prevent, and respond to any vulnerabilities. 

Security threats are no joke.

Our SOCaaS takes on the responsibility of monitoring online activity, logs, devices, and networks to detect, prevent, and respond to any vulnerabilities.

Prioritize staff time efficiently.

Putting us in charge of your security will allow for the better use of critical staff’s time and resources.

Use AI to decrease response times.

Our 24/7/365 international monitoring amalgamates experience with expertise to strengthen detection and solve problems before they arise.

Decrease the fatigue of unnecessary or false alarms.

Our comprehensive response tools notify you with only verified, critical alerts to annihilate any unnecessary worry. 

Our SOC onboarding is even easier. Get protected now with our seamless deployment →