IT Hardware Leasing

cloudCENTRX gives you access to the latest tech tools without the commitment,
cost, or clutter so you’re no longer burdened by obsolete and finicky tech.
Our hardware leasing program saves your business money now and later,
basically saving you money always.

Our Clients

cloudCENTRX Harware Leasing Promise

We deliver end-to-end solutions of implementation, training, support, and ongoing maintenance, including software and ancillary services specifically catered to alleviating your IT pain points.

Why CloudCentrx Hardware Leasing Goes Further

Lowered Monthly Expense: Our subscription-based payment model eliminates the burden of upfront costs that normally come with purchasing new equipment. Pay a monthly flat-rate fee for all equipment costs instead.
Benefits of MSPs: Without any extra costs for setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs, or replacements, we also offer 24/7 tech support to your staff.
Payment Flexibility: Easily extend or reduce your contract terms, or replace them with another more suitable to your needs.
Instant Upgrades: Replace hardware as it ages at no extra cost, ensuring you always use only the best, more relevant I.T. products available.
Security-first Strategy: Everything we do, we do with security at the forefront. We determine your network health and the effectiveness of your defense systems with regular compliance testing. Our goal is to decrease downtime and prevent potential data loss.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Our monthly HaaS subscription service eliminates unwarranted costs, protects against advancing equipment, and makes payment predictable every time you renegotiate your lease. You get to replace your old hardware with the latest gear, as well as optimize your networks and systems with the support to configure new peripherals, security against cyber threats, and constant monitoring of your network health.

What You Get

Enterprise servers

We serve your business with the bespoke support of your tech tools require to ensure all Mac, PC, Smartboards, iPads, and Chromebook products are used to their fullest potential.

Data storage

We handle the hard part of installing hardware and devices for fast and smooth transitions of setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

Software and operating systems

You get the latest in tech equipment, software updates, repairs, and upgrades at lowered upfront costs so your technology grows alongside your needs. Advancing technology works in your favour as you have the option to upgrade or expand during your leasing period.

Infrastructure security

We test, tag, and implement an asset management solution before we deliver it to you. We also install automatic upgrades whenever we notice gaps in infrastructure, outdated software, or security issues, so they go unnoticed by you.

IT Hardware Partners

Ensure your business operates smoothly with
the latest equipment.