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Change is always coming. We build a strong foundation for it.
cloudCENTRX’s IT Infrastructure Service powers every aspect of your
business to optimize your network’s communication, operations, and productivity.
We ensure your infrastructure is secured, flexible, and reliable so
you can count on it to fulfill your business goals.

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What is IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure services oversee your entire technology stack, information, and data in a holistic and proactive manner. From desktops, storage, to network security, we analyze and manage all components of your entire IT environment.

Why cloudCENTRX?

We implement and manage your IT infrastructure for stronger connectivity, productivity, and security. Our job is to provide fast and uninterrupted customer service, deployment, and network security so your company to reach its goals without any inconveniences.


Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

There’s also a third option: Multicloud.
Multicloud is an IT infrastructure model that consists of more than one private or public cloud service, from more than a single cloud vendor.

Why Multicloud:

Prevent the risk of data loss or downtime caused by localized component failure.
Helps reduce the risk of vendor lock-in and achieves far-reaching business and technological goals,
Faster speed, increased capacity, and added features
Optimized performance levels
Low latency through heightened data sovereignty.

Traditional vs. Cloud Infrastructures

Traditional hardware infrastructures are made up of hardware and software components,
facilities, data centers, servers, desktop computers, and enterprise software solutions – installed
for company-only or private use.

Cloud infrastructures are similar but allow end users access to the infrastructure via the internet.
Through virtualization, computing resources can be used without installing on-premises and
connects physical servers from multiple locations. It makes resources accessible to users
almost anywhere with an internet connection by dividing and abstracting them.

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