Outsourced IT
Help Desk Services

Our HelpDesk and IT support services team deliver proactive monitoring
of your entire network and remote offices, computers, WIFI access
points, servers, and printers to give us the intel to target threats ASAP

Our Clients

The cloudCENTRX promise

cloudCENTRX’s 24/7/365 Managed IT Service delivers world-class end-to-end solutions, including implementation, training, support, and ongoing maintenance, including software and ancillary services to alleviate your IT pain points. Our HelpDesk supports your end users or internal IT team to fight daily fires so your teams can prioritize the operations, endeavors, and differentiators that make your business better.

Why cloudCENTRX

We manage your infrastructure from A-Z to increase your company’s performance by supporting your IT team with our scaled managed services from cybersecurity, to network design and deployment, to setting up your VoIP system.

It’s like phoning a friend.

Whenever an IT problem seems too difficult to handle, our 24/7 support is there to guide and help you ASAP.

IT that makes your staff’s lives easier.

Gratify your staff with our outsourced support so they can focus on what they do best and increase performance by supporting your internal IT team with collaboration tools, VoIP, operational assets, etc.

Leave no room for mistakes.

Don’t assume, guess, or wing it. Contact us for IT projects to be done the right way the first time around. Decrease risks, errors, and stress when you put the burden on us. 

What MSP Means To Us

Software Solutions

We install Office 365 and Google Workspace with single sign-on to simplify the authentication process throughout your entire tech suite.

Data Collaboration

We provide user-friendly and secure tools that promote collaboration, remote learning, and personalized educational experiences.

Strategic Operations

We view your network as a holistic system that relies on each part as integral to the whole. This is why we focus on the functionality and success of each variable when strategizing your infrastructure.


We view managed IT not just through the lens of usability but also security. We monitor and patch any technical issues remotely so you can continue making discoveries without distractions. Our goal is 0% downtime for security issues.


You can contact our dedicated HD technicians at our toll-free number, and any emergency calls have a 4-hour response rate.

What You Get

Full-service IT Team with Project Managers, Lead Engineers, and multi-level engineers
Servers, Networks & Cloud Storage
Disaster prevention
Backups and Disaster Recovery
Software & Licensing
Anti-Virus & Network Monitoring
Server Maintenance & IT Support
Security & Compliance
Hardware Procurement
Remote & Onsite IT Support
AI-Driven Tools
Network Design, Install and Deployment

Our Approach

Our Service is to Support

Our technicians have the field experience to offer the best possible support. With wisdom as their best tool, they’re versed in the latest hardware, software, and operating systems, to recognize root issues for the most accurate diagnosis.

Monitor, Manage, and Maintain

Our tech team monitors and problem-tracks your system to identify potential areas, manage weak points, and maintain healthy systems as a preventative measure.

Goal-Oriented Help Desk

We use a birds-eye view to get a macro understanding of what your network needs from us. From there, we tailor your help desk specifically to your operational variables so we can detect your questions before you ask the,

Comprehensive 24/7 Solutions

Not to be clingy, but we really support you 24/7/365. We monitor your networks, infrastructure, and apps and evaluate their progress. With real-time reporting, we check in to provide new initiatives, strategic insights, and important guidance whenever you need it.

Put the burden on our IT Support and Help Desk