Managed Cloud Services

CloudCENTRX’s subscription-based IT infrastructures
are designed, built, and managed to fit the idiosyncrasies
that defy the status quo.

Our Clients

Managed Cloud Services For Your Evergrowing Environment

Our advanced managed cloud services ensure your cloud is the backbone of your business’s
network infrastructure. With cloudCENTRIX as your managed service provider, you can reap
the benefits of an optimized cloud environment without dividing your focus from your essential
core business functions.

CloudCENTRX Aligns Cloud Technology With Your Enterprise Goals

As we operate and innovate your cloud tools, we empower your teams to operate and innovate business tools. cloudCENTRX’s cloud offerings exist within a security framework to strengthen and future-proof your business’s resiliency. Our 24/7/365 support team does its best by assisting you whenever you need, so you can do what you’re best at.

Improved network performance
Optimized IT spend
Purpose-built infrastructures
Latest in Compliance
Replicate data anywhere offsite from an on-premises environment
Proactively adjust to inevitable market fluctuations
Eliminate costs from unused on-prem resources
Transition from CapEx to OpEx

Cloud Migration Made Better

Save Money and Time

Pay only for what you need with our monthly plan. We also eliminate IT hardware costs with a
pay-as-you-go OpEx model.

Increase Peace of Mind

Off-site hosting protects your sensitive business data to guarantee continuity despite a disaster.

Scalability Simplified

Control your cloud workloads to grow or shrink without buying any hardware when responding to market demands.

Easy Migration

Quickly back up, remove, or replicate data centers or virtual machines in just a few clicks when
migrating across virtual data centers.

Support Centered Around You

We’re not a bot. Our support team is accessible whenever, wherever, and is comprised of real, experienced people.


With multiple data centers located across the world, you can select where your data is stored.

Environment Transparency

You have full visibility into your network’s health to gain better insight on performance.

Your Environment, Your Way

Customize and manage your environment based on your enterprise needs, size, and goals.

Security and Compliance is a Business Benefit

All cloudCENTRX cloud infrastructures are hosted in and HITRUST-compliant environments. We operate through a security-first lens, so every facet of your network protects your organization from risk.

Keep looking up with our Managed Cloud Services