Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

When you make cloudCENTRX your company’s Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), you get your entire network managed, monitored, and protected from cyber threats. Our secure, flexible, subscription-based managed service is designed to identify a wide range of security threats so your business bares no burden.

Our Clients

Protected Networks, Proactive Business

Threats from inside and outside your network can compromise the performance, reliability, and profitability of your operations. Our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center assists with mitigating threats through comprehensive real-time monitoring, incident response, and solution management.

Why cloudCENTRX?

Work better with an integrated toolkit that streamlines operations, ensures business continuity, and consistently mitigates risk.

Scaling your business goals with today’s technology:

Using the right technological tools to achieve certain business goals will quickly increase overall operational performance, decrease downtime, and prevent any threats to your success. 

Using IT as a tool for disruption:

By letting us monitor, manage, and secure your network, you and your employees can focus on using reliable technology to optimize your company’s role in the market, interactions with customers, and internal & external affairs.  

Being a security-centered MSP:

 By putting security first, we put you, your employees, and your customers first. Security and compliance are a part of our DNA and we implement them into every single one of our services. 


Our patching services include a weekly automated test on your PCs and we schedule monthly, more methodical patches of your servers in a testing environment before implementing it into production.

Compliance monitoring

You have access to full production,full license of your chosen SaaS software for optimal integrated encryption.

Penetration Testing

RED Continuous Vulnerability Managed Service with enterprise vulnerability management designed for economical, precise, and thorough results delivered as a monthly managed service, during times of change, or when imminent threats are realized.

SOC Monitoring

Our Security Operations Center is your own intelligence hub. Our agents monitor, analyze, diagnose, and attack mission-critical attacks on your network, endpoints, and infrastructure.

SOC, But Better

cloudCENTRX’s award-winning SOC acts as your company’s security guard. Our job is to alert, respond, contain, and remediate, so your business can grow without security setbacks.

Our Enhanced SOC (ESOC) is built on top of our Daily Cybersecurity Reviews (DCR) to deliver complete, 24/7/365 incident investigation. Our ESOC services include manual investigation of all high-severity incidents by highly trained SOC analysts 24/7. Our follow-the-sun team research incidents with additional scrutiny for deeper context and cross-correlate against our global network of monitored partners and client environments.

Our reports include:

User behavior analysis
Live monitoring
Regular reporting
Risky signon
Analyzation of feeds from endpoint platforms
Monitor endpoints
Network Access Control (NAC)
Best-in-class platforms as the tools,
Forescout soc service as diff platforms
Whitelist and blacklist access

Can’t Have MSSP Without the Right MSP First 

MSP services are our thing. Implement security services atop our Managed IT Services to guarantee operations from a security-first standpoint. Our Managed IT Services support your Network and IT infrastructure to eliminate downtime and increase efficiency so you can watch it thrive. Learn more about cloudCENTRX as your MSP for improved application and infrastructure management, connectivity, network monitoring, security, virtualization, and disaster recovery. 

    Our MSSP is Your Digital Body Guard