Managed Email Security

Secure your full digital estate from phishing, malware, and advanced security
threats by targeting one of your organization’s most susceptible data stream: emails.
cloudCENTX’s Managed Email Security Service makes your life
easier by making life harder for hackers.

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The cloudcentrx Promise

We’re supporters, protectors, and providers. Our job is to consult,  deploy, and manage IT services that support all of your technical needs so you can focus on making greatness possible. We equip you with the tools that empower your entire company, on and offline.

Keep What’s Private, Private


Outsmart hacks and viruses with proactive threat detection and anti-phishing software.


Secure sensitive data from phishing and security threats.


Round-the-clock response and targeted action. Whenever, wherever.


Remediate data attacks with state-of-the-art email security tools.

Building You a Resilient Business

90% of business attacks start from an exploitative email. Attackers target employees by sending malicious or infected links straight to their inboxes and expand hackers’ access to your entire corporate network to attack or steal data.

Credential Theft

A phishing email can steal an employee’s login credentials to remotely access services from on-site or the cloud to perform data theft.


Phishing emails can encrypt all files on infected computers and demand ransom payments to recover files without a guarantee of complete recovery.


Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams impersonate a high-level executive within your company to convince employees to send payments for “paying vendors”, “closing deals,” or other disguised business activity.

Trojan Implementation

Emails can include Trojan files that collect data and possibly download additional, specialized malware such as keyloggers or ransomware.

Catching Phishing Scams as Easy as Hook, Liner, and Sinker

We use machine learning tools and vast data sets to determine which inbound and outbound
emails can be trusted before it’s too late.


Built-in security isn’t enough, which is why we detect and block zero-day attacks before your network is infected.

Anti-Spear Phishing

Sometimes malicious emails don’t include phishing links or malware, but instead trick targeted people into taking actions like sharing sensitive data or sending money. We stop spear-phishing so your business’s integrity goes uncompromised.

Anti-Malware & Ransomware

We prevent the potential impact and loss of an exposed environment by blocking polymorphic and zero-day malware attacks.

Software Partners


Built-in security isn’t enough, which is why we detect and block zeDarktrace’s four-step feedback loop works to holistic strengthen each step of preventing, detecting, responding, and healing. Their Cyber AI Analyst examines threats for data-driven, readable reports to keep your business attacks before your network is infected.

Vade for M365

As MSFT suite is the top corporate target for cyberattacks and Augment Microsoft 365 email security uses AI for deep threat detection and response solution. Vade for M365 fortifies MSPs like us with a vigorous incident response that’s easy to integrate and manage.

Veeam Backup for M365

Veeam® Backup for Microsoft 365 prevents losing access and control over your Office 365 data, so your data is always yours. Now you can securely backup Office 365 to any on-premise location or in cloud object storage.

Don’t let a vicious email in your inbox take
your entire network down