Managed Endpoint Security

Protect your business from all points of entry with next-gen managed endpoint detection and response solutions (MDR). cloudCENTRX cuts the complexity and cost of managing endpoint security with our cloud-delivered EDR services designed to identify suspicious activity and attacks-in-motion.

Our Clients

Make Sure All Your Doors Are Locked

Block threats and secure your network from cyber criminals with continuous monitoring of all
endpoint activity. Our fully-visible security platform automatically detects and prevents advanced
threats by analyzing real-time data. Now you can investigate, respond, and actively hunt for
threats to ensure your company’s valuable data and apps are never jeopardized.

cloudCENTRX MDR Benefits

Our methodology doesn’t just ensure your endpoints, network, and business are protected from
cyber threats. As cyber-attacks’ sophistication increases, so do our skills and technology for
threat intelligence. We focus on your enterprise perimeters by protecting endpoints from
vulnerabilities in cloud applications, employee-owned devices, remote work, data theft, and
corporate hacks.


24/7 SOC for real-time threat response
Full network visibility
Product-agnostic onboarding
Cross-collaboration between teams
PCI and HIPAA compliant
We design, build and deploy endpoint antivirus protection that fits your organization’s network needs
We install the latest endpoint encryption technologies
We align our practice and policy to meet with the regulatory compliance needed to protect sensitive data
We use certified analysts and centralized consoles to monitor, maintain, and update you on security operations

Practicing Digital Vigilance Goes Beyond
Traditional Antivirus and Firewalls

Every endpoint in a network opens the opportunity for vulnerabilities and attackers to use lateral movement tactics from endpoint to endpoint to reach your company’s critical assets. Many security tools overlook malicious threats as regular user activity until it’s too late.

To us, successful defence requires:

Elimination of blind spots and access to actionable insights

Our cloud-based security platform gives you a clear and thorough understanding of your endpoint activity, attempted attacks, and unknown activity. Our centralized management platform and tagged data allow you to identify and investigate individual endpoint issues while also tracking the stages of attack via updates.

Quick and cost-effective deployment from a single cloud agent

Our advanced security platform integrates with multiple EDR solutions and uses a single agent, console, and dataset to power our MDR services. No additional software or hardware is needed to set up or manage your IT infrastructure, eliminating significant upfront costs or hiring in-house EDR experts.

Flexible policies that lighten your IT workload

Our security platform is advanced yet user friendly. We implement built-in tools that allow real-time investigation, live incident responses, and cross-team collaborations. Fine-tune your endpoint management options with our flexible policy configurations to keep both your uses and network secure, functioning, and uncompromised.

Compromised endpoints is a compromised business

Increase resiliency and improve security posture
Identify and eliminate advanced threats through 24/7/365 managed threat hunting
Effectively respond to threats and restore endpoints with our guided response and managed
Encourage and navigate staff away from reactive and repetitive incident response work to focus on more strategic projects

If your endpoints aren’t secure, nothing is.