Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

cloudCENTRX’s XDR service is an all-in-one solution to cybersecurity. We prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to critical security vulnerabilities across your entire network, 24/7. Our extended benefits allow us to monitor and manage detection and response capabilities for endpoints, networks, and cloud services in a single platform.

Our Clients

Why cloudCENTRX

We’re your external, internal IT Team. Our managed XDR service provides a single, comprehensive strategy that includes multiple solutions simultaneously through a single console. This allows our analysts to make faster, better, more informed decisions. Advanced technology is the foundation for XDR, our expert team is what makes it an effective tool to extract the greatest intelligence and value.

 A Macro View For Micro Solutions

XDR’s wide approach to cyber threat monitoring pulls data from multiple devices to deliver greater insight into your IT environment.

Improved detection and response

With our comprehensive focus on the entire threat surface, XDR can help identify and address threats to any part of your IT infrastructure.

Centralized UI

View all threat data in a single dashboard, making it easier for your internal IT team to delegate their response.

Automated analytics

Now you can identify, triage, and prioritize threats while analyzing loads of data.

Lowered total cost of ownership

Our XDR solutions simplify security toolsets to find efficiencies and maximize resources for long-term business benefits. 

cloudCENTRX XDR Benefits

Our methodology doesn’t just ensure your endpoints, network, and business are protected from cyber threats. As cyber-attacks’ sophistication increases, so do our skills and technology for threat intelligence. We focus on your enterprise perimeters by protecting endpoints from vulnerabilities in cloud applications, employee-owned devices, remote work, data theft, and corporate hacks.

What You Get

24/7 SOC for real-time threat response
Product-agnostic onboarding
Full network visibility
Cross-collaboration between teams
PCI and HIPAA compliant

User Entity Behavior Analysis for Deeper Security

We use Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR platform to collect and fuse user-relevant data from a variety of data sources across security infrastructure, network traffic, active directory logs, and applications like Office 365. Combined with other relevant security events detected with many tightly-integrated security applications, UBA App can quickly detect malicious or compromised users.

Practicing Digital Vigilance Goes Beyond Traditional Antivirus and Firewalls

Every aspect of a network opens the opportunity for vulnerabilities and attackers to use lateral movement tactics from endpoint-to-endpoint to reach your company’s crown jewel assets. Malicious threats can often be overlooked as regular user activity by many security tools until it’s too late. To us, successful defense requires:

Elimination of blind spots and access to actionable insights

Our cloud-based security platform gives you a clear and thorough understanding of your endpoint activity, attempted attacks, and unknown activity. Our centralized management platform and tagged data allow you to identify and investigate individual endpoint issues while also tracking the stages of attack via updates. 

Quick and cost-effective deployment from a single cloud agent 

Our advanced security platform integrates with multiple EDR solutions and uses a single agent, console, and dataset to power our MDR services. No additional software or hardware is needed to set up or manage your IT infrastructure, eliminating significant upfront costs or hiring in-house EDR experts.

Flexible policies that lighten your IT workload

Our security platform is advanced yet userfriendly. We implement built-in tools that allow real-time investigation, live incident responses, and cross-team collaborations.  Fine-tune your endpoint management options with our flexible

Threat Prevention, Detection, and Response, Amplified

cloudCENTRX managed XDR builds cybersecurity initiatives that focus on the destroying root cause instead of implementing bandaid solutions. 

Telemetry For Big-Picture Solutions: Cyberattacks come from all angles and we use cross-tool threat hunting by correlating integrated data with third-party vendors’ networks, servers, desktops, and users. 

Evolving Threat Intelligence: We use AI to enhance our analytics platform so our skilled analysts apply human context to alerts and threat vectors from all endpoints to detect, respond, and eradicate vulnerabilities. 

Experts of XDR: Our dedicated experts unify your disjointed data sources and security tools to fully investigate, correspond through AI, and respond to any threat activity.

What Our XDR Does Best

Leverage all existing assets
Improve team productivity
Normalize and fuse data to drive context
Prioritize high-fidelity alerts
Integrate through open-APIs
Use single pane-of-glass across heterogeneous toolsets

Make Sure All Your Doors Are Locked with our XDR services