Crowdstrike Single-Platform Cybersecurity

Crowdstrike is a cloud-native endpoint security platform with a single agent solution to stop breaches, data theft, and cyber-attacks. Their antivirus is built around AI operatives that screen beyond the normal behavior of your network to deeply detect inconsistencies or abnormalities. Once targeted, the EDP systems quarantines itself for elite defense protocol.

Crowdstrike looks for malicious attacks before they happen. It feeds AI machines to recognize code in the malicious AI world for vast vigilance. Stay protected throughout entire threat lifecycles by unifying AI, machine learning, and behavioral analytics through a single solution powered by Threat Graph.

Constant/Seamless Upgrades

No-signature protection from machine learning, behavioral analytics and integrated threat intelligence – no reboot required

Single Agent Platform

Everything your team needs to annihilate breaches and block known and unknown malware from the get-go

AI Operative

Big data and artificial intelligence are used to support your team with constant visibility

Vigilant Presence

Works on-network or off-network for thorough detection and protection, even when endpoints are offline.


Cloud-native software that simplifies deployment to decrease operational costs

Industry Recognized

Recognized as a leader by industry analysts and independent testing organizations.

cloudCENTRX Values Ultimate Security

We trust Crowdstrike’s security-focused solutions for reliable and comprehensive vigilance. Crowdstrike’s cloud-delivered services have pioneered technologies for endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and response. Crowdstrike’s Falcon prevents and responds to malware and malware-free attacks to stop security breaches before they happen.

Tech Specs

Falcon Enterprise

Next-Gen Antivirus
Endpoint Detection and Response
Integrated Threat Intel
Managed Threat Hunting
Device Control
Firewall Management

Falcon Premium

Next-Gen Antivirus
Endpoint Detection and Response
Integrated Threat Intel
Managed Threat Hunting
Device Control
Firewall Management
IT Hygiene

Why Crowdstrike?

Cloud-Native Delivery

Use a single, unified platform for all workloads. Crowdstrike’s comprehensive protection coverage can be deployed across Windows, Linux and macOS servers and endpoints for easy, uninterrupted use.

Integrated Threat Intelligence

Alerts are automatically fortified with CrowdStrike threat intelligence – features include actor attribution, sandbox analysis, and malware working together to hunt threats and all known variants.

24/7 Proactive Threat Hunting

Elite team of experts proactively detect, investigate and advise on threat activity wherever, whenever.

Why cloudCENTRX?

M-Theory’s cloudCENTRX managed security product line will get your Crowdstrike EDR up, installed, and deployed quickly, comprehensively, and with up to 25 licenses free for one year – No Obligation Agreement required.

Minimum Qualifications Criteria

You have cybersecurity concerns
You love your organization
You know the value of endpoint protection
Your organization is headquartered in the United States
Your organization has 50+ employees
You are a new customer to M-Theory

Get your year of cloudCENTRX’s Crowdstrike Security, Application Delivery, and Data Protection Solutions