Datadog’s Data Analytics

Datadog’s SaaS-based data analytics software gives you real-time observability and insight into your company’s entire technology stack. Now monitor your servers, databases, tools, and services at the industry’s most competitive pricing with cloudCENTRX.

Full Visibility

Transparent platform lets you see across systems, apps, and services to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance.

Customizable Dashboards

Datadog allows you to easily tailor views (interactively or in code) for all high-resolution metrics and events for manipulation and graphing in real-time.

Monitor User Experience

View end-to-end user experience to monitor user journeys, detect performance issues, and alert users in various locations.

Analyze Data

Easily collect and navigate logs, metrics, and request traces in context with automated tagging and correlation to alert on log data.

Comprehensive Monitoring Coverage

Protect your full system with end-to-end integration of tools like incident management, and network and compliance monitoring

Why Datadog?

Datadog monitors cloud and cloud premise applications in a powerful way to see the performance of your systems for comprehensive observability. With more than 400 built-in integrations and dashboard templates, you get a fast frictionless integration process.
Datadog offers all three pillars of observability for full visibility of your entire application stack.

Unified Observability

Observability measures your system’s current state based on its own generated data and can adaptively and responsively explore an environment to target the root cause of issues not easy to anticipate.

The Three Pillars of Observability


Track data from auto-scaling infrastructure automatically.

Datadog collects time-series data points that can be easily queried using the graphical query builder and visualizes them in different formats.


Track app performance with distributed tracing and APM (Application Performance Management).

Datadog agent has the capability of tailing log files or listening for logs sent over UDP/TCP. Currently, there are out-of-the-box solutions for collecting logs from these sources.


Investigate logs across all your services for synchronized data.

Datadog APM provides a comprehensive solution for collecting, searching, and analyzing traces across fully distributed architectures.

Adding client libraries can automatically trace requests across many popular libraries and frameworks and these collected traces seamlessly correlate to browser sessions, logs, synthetic checks, etc.

Why cloudCENTRX

M-Theory’s cloudCENTRX monitoring solution will get your Datadog platform up, installed, and deployed quickly, comprehensively, and with up to 25 licenses free for one year – No Obligation Agreement required.

Minimum Qualifications Criteria

You have cybersecurity concerns
You love your organization
You know the value of endpoint protection
Your organization is headquartered in the United States
Your organization has 50+ employees
You are a new customer to M-Theory

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